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Gourmet Comfort Food


So,  my dear readers, today was a very lazy day. Husband brewed a new batch of beer, I played video games, cleaned, and decided I wanted to make something special for dinner tonight. Hm… even tho it wasn’t a bad day (at all), I decided we needed comfort food. And for Husband and I that means only one thing… grilled cheese and tomato soup! But we have soup and sandwiches all the time. It’s wonderful, but nothing really special. And since I had the itch to cook something really wonderful and a bit complex, I decided “screw that, let’s go gourmet!” So, here’s what we had

A Simple Italian Salad

From Scratch Roasted Tomato Soup

and, of course…

Grilled Brie and Fig Sandwich!


The soup and salad are healthy, but the sandwich… yeah… there’s pretty much nothing healthy about that one. But it tastes amazing!