Tupelo Honey


This afternoon I went out to lunch with a wonderful friend I’ve known since Junior High, miss Emily Brooks of Brooks Bakery in Asheville, NC. We ate at a popular restaurant named “Tupelo Honey” located in the heart of Asheville right across from Prichard Park .

She had a pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries, and I had a tomato sandwich with candied ginger corn bread and whipped peach butter. Oohhh, how we enjoyed our lunch! Both of us being food connoisseurs, we just relished each bite of our, and each others food, identifying each flavour and planning out how to reproduce them in our own kitchens.

Hopefully soon I will make my own sweet potato fries and the ginger cornbread with peach butter.  Hold me to that, ok? These items are worth not forgetting about!

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  1. Haha, sounds good! The day of the 4th I will have to brave the Commissary to get food stuffs. Care to join?

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