Not new, but still delicious!


So the other night I made rib-eye steaks for my husband and (one of my ) best friend(s), and it just turned out marvelously!

I totally cheated, using Jack Daniels marinade on the steaks. I then put them in the broiler for about 3-5 minutes per side, or until the center is at least 130*
(by the way, for those of you wondering, I had a marvelous salmon steak. Mmm)

But as a marvelous “luxury”, Meara and I sautéed onions and mushrooms until they caramelized (the onions. shrooms don’t caramelize), and then… well…

This was served with asparagus, and smashed red potatoes.

I apparently haven’t posted my asparagus “recipe” yet, so I’ll do that soon.

Eat up!

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